Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In Alexandria

Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt, and the largest Egyptian port on the Mediterranean sea and as one of the oldest cities in the world it holds treasures that landmark the old civilizations, also has a rare nature, and great weather through the whole year.

Alexandria is more then five thousand years old, with hundreds of touristic sites like Pharoahnic, Greek, Roman, Islamic, Coptic, and modern monuments. Many great gardens and rocks can be found also in Alexandria.

The greatest witness of a history full of civilization is "The Library Of Alexandria" that was recently rebuilt to stand as one of the most important libraries in the world. Alexandria is also well known for its spectacular beaches and resorts and sunny weather through the four seasons.


amr.m.rezk said...

I know the first post is always the hardest so I guess I'll do it.

Alexandria is my favorite vacation place, but I don't go there to go to the sea, I just feel calm when I'm there.

Antônio Araújo said...

Amazing places. God bless you!