Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holidays To Cairo

Cairo is a city of Imagination, when you visit the Citadel you could imagine yourself riding a horse in Salah El Din's army, or you could imagine that you are a messenger to the Pharaoh if you are visiting the great pyramids. Just by living in Cairo I'm experiencing a never ending fantastic holiday. Each weekend I choose a place in the historic city, grab my sketchbook and camera and I spend all day there sketching and taking photos, I have visited many places and touristic sites in Cairo which I find inspiring.

When visiting a place in Cairo for the first time you always get this rich historic feeling, and smell that magical ancient scent that lingers in the air, one thing that distinguishes Cairo from any other city in the world is that it holds in its folds monuments from lots of differant eras, and that's what made me call my graduation project "Differant Eras, But One Cairo", I was advertising Cairo as a City that is not just the pyramids and sphinx.

I consider my life in Cairo now as a holiday that regenerates as soon as I pick a new destination each weekend, some of these places are relaxing and calm like the Azhar Gardens and el Fayoom Gardens, other places are lively like the Cairo Tower, the Citadel, and the Egyptian Museum, but I really spend the most time near the religious areas like the famous Coptic area "Mar Girgis" which is full of beautiful Churches or the Islamic Mosques near old Cairo, like El Sultan Hassan Mosque, or Amr Bin El As Mosque.

If you have some great sites near your city, please share them with us here in a comment.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the excellent post. I live in Victoria, BC, Canada which also has so many interesting and beautiful sights to see. It is indeed like being a tourist in my own backyard. I have friends that spent some time in Cairo a few years ago and they both thoroughly enjoyed their visit to your fine city. They also took a cruise down the Nile, which they found an awesome experience. Look forward to visiting your city and country one day.:)

amr.m.rezk said...

Dear Chris,
I'm flattered that you like my post, and I really hope that you do visit Egypt soon, as much as I want to visit Canada someday.
Have a nice day.

Cheers, Amr

holidays egypt said...

That's really nice post. Honestly speaking I have never heard the name of this city this before but after reading it as you said it has been a city of imaginations for me and I am thinking to visit it soon. Thanks for bring such a wonderful place in my knowledge. :)

Gary said...

I just came back from travelling in Egypt not too long ago. It really is a simply remarkable country with gorgeous photo opportunities at every corner!