Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cairo International Book Fair 2009 - UK guest of honour

It's such a good feeling to be swamped with tons of books from all around the world in the Cairo International Book Fair, being surrounded by all these great publishers, book writers, and famous people is a dream come true for anybody who values a good book.

Certainly with the United Kingdom as the guest of honour this year as The British Council in Cairo has accepted an invitation from the General Egyptian Book Organisation (GEBO) for the UK to be guest of honour at the 2009 Cairo International Book Fair. They are working with the London Book Fair, The Publishers Association, Independent Publishers Guild and other organisations on a wide range of activities to take place during the two-week event. These will fall into three categories: Reader Development, Professional Development for Publishers and Writers and their work. The British Council has also invited 10 authors from the UK to deliver a program of lectures, book signings and so forth at the fair and other venues around Egypt.

Cairo's Book Fair is like an annual meeting point for cultures from all around the world, from the oriental far east, passing by the African Jungle, the European Glamour, the North American style finally reaching the imaginative Latin literature. Which makes the Cairo International Book Fair a great chance to get acquainted with the cultures from around the globe.


Marlene said...

Enjoy following your blog - thought provoking and always interesting. I hope to travel to Egypt so will visit your site often. Keep up the great posts.

amr.m.rezk said...

Hi Marlene, Thanks for the comment, I also think your site is adorable, and if you do visit Egypt someday remember you have a friend there!!

Cheers, Amr

Anonymous said...

Nice blog..
☆ Martinha ☆

Pilo said...

This is true. many a time I have wondered about the place to buy a rare book. Now in India we get fairs run by good publishers, where one can get lose himself. I also hear that they get some even in a small metropolis get a combined business of nearly $10 million a day. When people were afraid of the public losing the reading habit with the advent of the Internet, this is really strange. pilo

bath mateus said...

Amazing so nice posting, I like it.