Sunday, November 2, 2008

When you drink from the Nile

It is said that once you drink water from the Nile river you have a passion to drink once again, It's a passion that lasts for ever. If you don't think it's true, then try it!
I personally think it is true, but it's not actually the water that makes you want to come back it's the calm feeling you get when you visit Egypt, and the warm welcome you receive from the people here, and the great places and sites that are found in many cities like Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, and Hurghada.
I think it is the enjoyment and pleasure that make visitors want to come back, It's a passion for Egypt.


Sheri Fresonke Harper said...

Hi, I visited Egypt but we never even had the opportunity to drink from the Nile, lol, hi! :) Sheri

amr.m.rezk said...

Hi Sheri,lol & welcome to my blog.
and I hope you will some day.